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5 Reasons You Need Renters Insurance

Renting definitely has its benefits — you’re not responsible for upkeep or renovations, more flexibility to move and no risk for market downturns. If you live in a rented home — which can mean a duplex, mobile home, townhouse, condominium, apartment or seasonal-use dwelling — it’s important that your personal property is protected from the unexpected. Having the right coverage in place can save you from a headache later.

Renters insurance is often very affordable and can protect items like your furniture and clothes in your rented home from loss by fire, explosion, smoke or theft. Below are ​five reasons you should consider renters insurance.

Protect your belongings

You may not need coverage for losses to the building, but your landlord’s property insurance won’t protect losses to your personal items — electronics, jewelry, clothes and furniture. For instance, if your home gets burglarized or there’s a fire in your building, the cost to replace your personal items can add up quickly. When disaster strikes, a renters policy can help you replace your belongings. As a bonus, renters policies are typically very affordable.

Additional living expenses

If disaster strikes and displaces you from your home, it can provide additional living expenses if your rented home cannot be lived in because of covered loss — like a fire.

Liability coverage

If someone gets injured at your rented home and you’re found at fault, are you prepared to cover medical expenses or pay damages if you’re sued? Your renters policy could pay their medical bills up to the policy’s limit.


Your four-legged friend is a great companion, but owning a dog presents some additional liability risks. Having a renters policy provides you with coverage should your dog bite someone.

Your business

If you run an incidental business out of your rented home, you can insure your business-related items, such as computers, lawn mowers and inventory items.

It pays to be prepared

The unexpected can’t be predicted, so being prepared for the rainy days can be the best defense. Your local Farm Bureau agent can work with you to help ensure you’re prepared for the curve balls life can throw your way.

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